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At a newly built women’s center in the slums of Hyderabad, India, I had the opportunity to photograph a humanitarian trip focusing on teaching women how to become more independent through learning sewing skills as well as educating them on women's health.

SAPID, an Indian organization focusing on underdeveloped communities, has noticed this need and created a sustainable effort by empowering local community members to take on leadership roles to continue teaching.

India Makers Mission

Digital & Film

She started with a flip phone, a slide phone, and a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Then, the 35mm disposable cameras became a perfect present. In high school, she shot with a 35mm DSLR and developed endless rolls of expired film. You could find her in the school's dark room, developing black and white rolls. 

Nature, landscapes, and animals are her favorite to capture. She's also enjoyed snapping for engagements, bridals, and portraits. Her mirrorless camera joins her latest adventures. 

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